Sheet Production

First Aluminium is one of the few Nigerian companies which produces aluminium sheets. This process starts with remelting aluminium scrap. Aluminium is one of the rare materials that do not degrade in recycling. Most of the aluminium used today is recycled, with the same properties as primary aluminium. But at much lower energy cost. Aluminium therefore is the greenest metal on earth.

After melting the scrap, the aluminium ingots are produced. Of course we check and control the chemical composition of the alloy. These ingots are flattened by a hot-rolling machine, and 2 cold-rollers. Each step makes the sheet a bit thinner, until the by the customer desired thickness has been reached.

• After this the sheets are tested and can be used. These sheets are called ‘plain sheets’.
• The maximum mechanical properties of the aluminium are achieved after cold deformation of the surface. This process is called embossing. First Aluminium prefers the so called ‘stucco’ embossing as it is technically the best pattern and gives a nice matt outlook. Sheets used in this form are called ‘plain stucco sheets’.
• The outlook and the corrosion resistance is enhanced by applying a paint layer on the sheet. First Aluminium has the best quality of paint and supplies 15 different colours.

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We are the ONLY supplier of aluminium sheets that applies a clear lacquer layer on the BACKSIDE of the sheet. Our Aluminium sheets are colour coated and oven baked, providing unequalled quality and finishing..


Our Aluminium roofing sheets does not possess cement fibres that are harmful to health. Our products have been tested and proven to be clinically hygienic as there are no direct health issues associated with living under them at home.


The use of our products afford you the opportunity of saving your hard earned money as they are not only affordable but cost less to install in terms of lesser manpower needs and installation time. It also requires low maintenance.