Plastic Laminate Tubes

Multi Layer Aluminium Barrier Laminate Tubes Plastic Laminate Tube, First Aluminium's Plastic Laminate Tube is made of a 5-layer laminate web and provides maximum protection through an integrated Aluminium barrier layer of 12 - 20µm thickness. The web is printed in any number of colours and is suitable for the packaging of

• Toothpaste
• Cosmetic Products
• Food Products
• Industrial Products

Choose your tube in the standard design or with the optional 5-stripe insert allowing coloured stripes on the toothpaste

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We are the ONLY supplier of aluminium sheets that applies a clear lacquer layer on the BACKSIDE of the sheet. Our Aluminium sheets are colour coated and oven baked, providing unequalled quality and finishing..


Our Aluminium roofing sheets does not possess cement fibres that are harmful to health. Our products have been tested and proven to be clinically hygienic as there are no direct health issues associated with living under them at home.


The use of our products afford you the opportunity of saving your hard earned money as they are not only affordable but cost less to install in terms of lesser manpower needs and installation time. It also requires low maintenance.