Collapsible Aluminium Tubes

In the packaging of sensitive goods, the Collapsible Aluminium Tube offers unique advantages – today as well as in the future. With its outstanding barrier properties, the Collapsible Aluminium Tube is the ideal packaging to reliably protect a product against UV-light/sunlight, foreign odour and loss of perfume and aroma, while the tube itself is absolutely scent-neutral and can be sterilized and coated with an inert internal lacquer. Aluminium permanently prevents the penetration of oxygen. This essential barrier property makes the Aluminium tube a most appropriate and well established packaging in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets.Collapsible Aluminium tubes consist of 99.7% pure Aluminium, which makes the recycling easy and economically viable. The tube is formed by impact extrusion from a small disk of Aluminium called a slug. The slug size is according to the desired tube dimension and determines either an open tube or a closed tube with a membrane over the orifice. To make the tubes pliable and sterile, they are heat treated in an annealing oven.

If required, optional internal lacquering can provide protection against any contact between the content and the internal Aluminium tube surface. An external base coat layer provides a good background to highlight our Customer’s unique artwork, printed in up to 3 colours.

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We are the ONLY supplier of aluminium sheets that applies a clear lacquer layer on the BACKSIDE of the sheet. Our Aluminium sheets are colour coated and oven baked, providing unequalled quality and finishing..


Our Aluminium roofing sheets does not possess cement fibres that are harmful to health. Our products have been tested and proven to be clinically hygienic as there are no direct health issues associated with living under them at home.


The use of our products afford you the opportunity of saving your hard earned money as they are not only affordable but cost less to install in terms of lesser manpower needs and installation time. It also requires low maintenance.